Third Sunday of Lent 2019 (Cycle A Readings)

For March 23 & 24, 2019

Saturday, 4pm St Mary
Saturday, 5:30pm St Thomas Aquinas
– Cathy 
Sunday, 8:30am St Thomas Aquinas
Mallory   Jeannette
Sunday, 10:30am St Mary
– Dennis     
Sunday, 7:00pm St Thomas Aquinas


Gathering (10:30): Flow River Flow BB 647   CP 346
Entrance: I Heard the Voice of Jesus (KINGSFOLD) BB 462 CP 467  
(Usual ‘Lord, have mercy…’ / No ‘Gloria’)
Psalm 95 – BB 785 CP 54
Gospel Acclamation: Mass of Spirit and Grace (Praise to you Lord …BB 923
–             Lord, you are truly the savior of the world; 
–             give me living water, that I may never thirst again
Preparation of the Gifts: Come to the River (Hurd) BB 655  CP 343
Mass Ordinaries: Mass of Spirit and Grace, BB 924 – 929
Communion #1: Ps 51 Create In Me (Kendzia)  BB 769   CP 37
Communion #2: Song of the Body of Christ   BB 332  CP 522
Sending Forth: Change Our Hearts (Cooney)  BB 659   CP 352

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