Seventh Sunday of Easter

For May 12 & 13, 2018

Saturday, 4pm St Mary – Ernie
Saturday, 5:30pm St Thomas Aquinas – Bob
Sunday, 8:30am St Thomas Aquinas – Mallory
Sunday, 10:30am St Mary – Jayvee


St Mary – Alleluia! Sing to Jesus  BB 732
St Thomas – A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing  RS 606

Psalm 47 – God Mounts His Throne
(Inwood) – BB 768   CP 35
or    Psalm  103 The Lord Has Set His Throne In Heaven (Cooper Ray)
or    Psalm 103 The Lord Has Set His Throne In Heaven (Alstott)


Celtic Alleluia


Preparation of Gifts
St Mary – Love One Another (from Holy Thursday)  BB 475
St Thomas – Alleluia! Sing to Jesus  RS 914

St Mary – #1 (not choir)  Bread of Angels   BB 367
      #2 – Seed Scattered and Sown (from Confirmation)  BB 356

St Thomas –  Let Us Be Bread  RS 929 or
Song of the Body of Christ  RS 924

St Mary –   Go Out Go Out  BB 375
St Thomas – Go to the World  RS 608
or Lord, You Give the Great Commission   RS 607