For May 19 & 20, 2018

Saturday, 4pm St Mary – Ernie
Saturday, 5:30pm St Thomas Aquinas – Cathy
Sunday, 8:30am St Thomas Aquinas – Ione
Sunday, 10:30am St Mary – Phyllis



St Mary –  Come, Holy Spirit, Come – Kauffman

St Mary –  Alleluia! Love Is Alive  BB 160   
St Thomas – When God the Spirit Came RS 613
or Come Holy Ghost  RS 611    (Sat)

Psalm 104
St Mary – Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (from Confirmation, probably)
St Thomas – Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Peloquin)   RS 144
or     Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Lisicky)  RS 146   (Sat)

Pentecost Sequence and Alleluia – Hurd  BB 187
(Note – the Pentecost Sequence is not optional anymore)
(Note also – that the last verse of the Pentecost Sequence is the Alleluia Verse, thus there is no separate Alleluia)

Preparation of Gifts
St Mary – One Spirit, One Church,  BB 419
St Thomas – O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God  RS 907

St Mary – #1  I, The Lord  (Kendzia)  BB 680
(from Fifth Sunday of Lent,  March 17 & 18, 2018)
      #2 – Bread of Angels (from last week) BB 367

St Thomas –  Let Us Be Bread  RS 929
or Song of the Body of Christ  RS 924

St Mary – Go Out! Go Out!  BB 375
St Thomas – ** Go to the World  RS 608
or Lord, You Give the Great Commission   RS 607  (Sat)