The Ascension of the Lord

For May 10, 2018

9am, St Mary – Ernie
7pm, St Thomas Aquinas – Ernie


St Mary – Alleluia! Sing to Jesus  BB 732
St Thomas – A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing  RS 606

Psalm 47 – God Mounts His Throne
(Inwood) – BB 768   CP 35

Celtic Alleluia“Even if you have to die, close to my word …” verse

Preparation of Gifts
St Mary – Be Not Afraid  BB 432
St Thomas – Alleluia! Sing to Jesus  RS 914

St Mary –  Three Days  BB 176   [THAXTED]
* or Bread of Angels   BB 367

St Thomas –  Let Us Be Bread  RS 929
or Song of the Body of Christ  RS 924

St Mary –   Go Out Go Out  BB 375
* or He Is The Lord  BB 552

St Thomas – Go to the World  RS 608
or Lord, You Give the Great Commission   RS 607